What is a Micropeel?

The SkinCeuticals Micropeel is a three-step clinical procedure combining dermaplaning (physical exfoliation), chemical exfoliation, and cryogenic therapy to reduce signs of photo-aging including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections in a series of 4-6 procedures.

Formulated with niacin, lactic acid, and usnic acid, this mild clinical-grade peel gently exfoliates and decongests pores while hydrating skin. Micropeel Sensitive Skin Solution, an optimal starter peel, is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive.


What can I expect as a result?

Improves skin texture and radiance

Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Supports healthy collagen levels for firmer skin

The Micropeel Plus procedure is a unique one-step treatment of chemical exfoliation designed to reduce acne, keep problematic skin clear of breakouts, and help correct enviormental skin damage. Micropeel Plus 30 Solution is formulated with a combination of salicylic acid to refine pores and help reduce the apperance of acne and glycolic acid to aid in the improvement of rough texture, blotchiness, and uneven skin tone.

The Micropeel Plus 30 Solution, formulated with 30% salicylic acid, is applied in one easy step and self-neutralizes once the optimal level of salicylic acid had been deposited. One week following a Micropeel Plus procedure, skin will undergo its renewal process and light to moderate peeling may occur. For optimal results, two series of 4-6 procedures per year are recommended.

Reduces acne blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts

Dissolves sebum and cellular debris in pores

Encourages cell renewal

Improves the appearance of skin discolorations

Improves collagen synthesis and remodels existing collagen and elastin

The Pigment Balancing Masque is a customizable medical-only treatment targeting hyperpigmentation to dramatically improve the uneven appearance of photo-damage, mottled skin after a series of 4-6 treatments. The masque combines high-performance brightening and anti-inflammatory agents with a peeling acid solution to accelerate cell renewal and diminish uneven skin tone and localized hyperpigmentation. A seperate sanitizing booster allows for additional customization.

Diminishes surface discolorations, controls uneven pigmentation, and improves skin radiance

Accelerates cell renewal and breaks up existing melanin clusters

Sanitizing Booster sanitizes areas affected by trauma such as acne-related pigmentation

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation procedure which smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, improves the appearance of scars, reduces the size of pore, and helps improve age and sun spots. It can be described as an intense mechanical exfoliation treatment which removes the top layer of the skin.


How does it Work?

A controlled spray of very fine aluminum oxide is applied to the surface of the skin, removing the upper layer of the epidermis. While emitting the spray, the device simultaneously works to clear excess oxide crystals and the skinís cellular debris. This process helps the skin cells to stimulate new collagen, resulting in increased skin firmness and tone, revealing a fresh youthful looking face.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Scars That Have Resulted From Acne, Surgery or Even Chicken Pox
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Age Spots


What can I expect Post Treatment?

There is no downtime involved with this procedure, though microdermabrasion patients are asked to wear sunscreen after treatment, as skin will be extra sensitive to light. Immediately following treatment, the skin will have a slightly pink hue, creating a fresh look. Self-conscious patients can easily camouflage the redness with makeup. Skin imperfections are diminished and the skin seems softer and rejuvenated. The best results come to patients who continue a series of microdermabrasion treatments over time.

Yes, both treatments rid the skin of the top layer of cells. MicroDermabrasion is done by physical means while a peel uses chemicals to remove surface cells.

Yes, a series of treatments will make the skin smoother, softer, and with less fine wrinkles.

To obtain optimal results, a series of 6 rejuvenating treatments spaced 1 week apart is recommended. Continued improvement is best achieved with maintenance treatments every 4 to 6 weeks.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are used to improve the skin’s appearance by applying a chemical solution to the skin, causing the top layers of the skin to separate and peel off and new layers to be exposed. The new skin is smoother; less wrinkled and may be more even in color.


What Types of Chemical Peels do you offer?

  • Lactic – Offers exfoliation and moisture retention properties and will promote softer, smoother skin as well as improvement in the appearance of fine lines. Great treatment to layer with another chemical or coupled with a microdermabrasion.
  • Glycolic – A chemical exfoliant that will promote the repair and regeneration of skin. Recommended to aid in the elimination of actinic keratosis, improves the appearance of aging skin and uneven texture and tone.
  • Salicylic – An antiseptic exfoliant that deeply cleanses pores. Excellent treatment for acne and aids in overall skin rejuvenation.
  • Visao MD Brilliance Peel – A superficial skin peel product that effectively addresses moderate skin conditions. This medical grade formulation penetrates the surface of the skin and evenly exfoliates the epidermis revealing radiant new skin.
  • Modified Jessner – A synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild cases of rosacea.
  • Visao MD Prestigue Peel – A medium depth skin peel that offers a quick, comfortable skin rejuvination for those seeking more dramatic results than superficial peels.
  • TCA – A medium to deep penetrating peel with benefits formulated especially for those with mature skin problems, such as sun damage, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. This peel can be layered to have a deeper penetrating effect and an aggressive exfoliation.


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