This exfoliating wash contains the highest purified form of glycolic (8%) and lactic (2%) free acid to thoroughly remove impurities, makeup, and exfoliate dead skin cells while brightening, purifying and hydrating the skin.

A powerful, patented peptide complex that enhances the appearance of lip contours while adding up to 40% more moisture-volume to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment complements professional dermal fillers, creating a plumping effect in the skin of the treated area. Best used on the body of the lip and around the vermillion border.

This power packed couplet surpasses other lightening treatments in effectively fighting dark spots. The powerful combo of UV protectants and antioxidants for the day with the unique formula of hydroquinone, tretinoin, and kojic acid for the night will provide for a uniform complexion. With this scientifically advanced formula, you are just applications away from becoming spotless.

This super-antioxidant contributes to the reduction of inflammation, irritation, lines, and wrinkles and the appearance of unwanted pigment.  Supporting an environment of cellular renewal, Vital C will assist you in your pursuit of improved skin luminosity, texture and tone.

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